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Demo Testing and Quantity Ordering

We offer demo kits (free of charge) to qualified reading services and their broadcasters while the receiver and digital signal are being tested. Demo kits may also be purchased.

If you are satisfied with your demo receiver and are ready to move forward with the ordering process, we recommend purchasing a starter package of 5 to 10 receivers to distribute to your listeners and broadcasters. This starter package will help you prepare your service and listeners for the conversion while you raise money for a full order of receivers.

To request a demo kit or quote, please contact us at (303) 494-3700 or contact@RRS1100.com.

Order one online

We have receivers in stock available for immediate purchase online.

Use the button below to purchase with a credit card or PayPal.

Grant Information

PTFP (Public Telecommunications Facilities Program) and NTIA (National Telecomm-unications and Information Administration) offer grant funding opportunities to assist non-profit reading services and broadcasters. Our receiver is on their eligible equipment list.